October 7th, 2013 – apps, apple

Apple screwed even more the app reviews screen

They show old reviews first without showing even the date.

The other day I wrote about how Android should fix their app average rating system. Today, it’s Apple turn. It seems they don’t care enough about developers, despite all our efforts to make great apps.

When you go to the Apple App Store, user reviews are not ordered by date as you would imagine. They are picked somehow randomly. A few reviews from 2010 and another from 2012 and maybe one or two from 2013. The same app from 2010 has almost nothing to do with the app in 2013. In TouristEye case we have a complete new design, a way easier interface and we even dropped in-app-purchases.

On iOS7, the situation is even worst. They don’t even show the dates of the reviews!!! Should users make their purchasing/download decision based on reviews from 2010 (or even 2008)? Seriously Apple?

Apple, you can fix it on 7.0.4. You just need to show the dates of the reviews again, and start ordering the reviews by newest first. It shouldn’t take more than two days to implement it. We expect perfection from you.

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