October 12th, 2015 –

List of 350+ jobs in promising startups in Spain

Everyone loves Spain. If you live here you don't want to move and if you have visited Spain you probably thought on moving here for several years. The other day I was talking to an American student of the IE MBA program who has just started and she has already realized she wants to live in Madrid for several years. Quality of life is much higher than in other countries thanks to the good weather, great food, friendly people and all the weekend trips you can do.

I've collected a list of over 350 jobs in medium and big tech companies in Spain. These are jobs in all areas: tech, product, marketing, sales, legal, support. All companies have more than 10 employees and they are well financed. There are promising Spanish startups, international promising startups which have opened an office in Spain and big tech players.

Think about it, come to work to Spain!

For founders and recruiters: If you want to add your available job positions in Spain, add a link to your list of jobs or specify them on a comment below. I will add them to the list. If there is any error, let me know too. You can also contact me.

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